About Us

9by10 is a passage to a world of better choices in the cinematic world. It is a platform that lists a myriad of films and web content with their short descriptions, user and critic ratings(film aspects). It brings to the user’s updates about the content, cast, and relevant things. Users can also get suggestions about films and web content tailor-suited to them.

What are we Offering?


There are already innumerable movies and the web content is more than catching up at a baffling rate. 9by10 lists all (well, almost all) of the movies and content available on the web with their genre, a short description, the cast, certification, and link to view (if available in the open-source), videos, news, music, and images. Users can quickly search by a movie, actor, or genre and get the link to view the content from there. Without any effort now you can know everything about your favorite movie, web series, songs, videos, and artists. The data 9by10 displaying is up to date and legit, taken from various sources.

Ratings & Reviews:

9by10 movie ratings are based on two types of ratings. One given by critics from various sources and the other by an average of the ratings given by users. A sophisticated algorithm is used to calculate the average of both critic and user ratings. The ratings are given by a panel of critics to ensure unbiased ratings. Critic ratings are followed by detailed reviews. Users also have the option of adding reviews and are visible to other users who are following respective movies.

Top Lists & Charts:

Every time a user wants to see a film, he has to go through a lot of processes like what to watch and where to watch. Now you don’t have to undergo that whole process. 9by10 is offering the top lists & charts like best movies of all time, the most popular movies, best movies by genre, etc. These lists or charts are created with ratings given by both the audience and critics accordingly. 9by10 also offers users where to watch those movies with legit online platform links.

Note: We have taken some of the content from various sources at the time of development to bring this product to users.

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