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3.5(2) 141 mins 03 Aug 2013

Shree, a benefactor, faces troubles in keeping his promise to marry Anjali, as he falls in love with a prostitute, Neeru. How will Shree tackle this hardship?

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Abbai Class Ammayi Mass is a Telugu romantic movie directed by Koneti Srinu. Varun Sandesh and Hari Priya played lead roles in the movie.

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Damp Squib 4 | 03 Sep 2018

Haripriya’s glamour and skin show might work to a certain extent with the masses. A weak story, weak screenplay and poor direction go against the film completely. On the whole, ‘Abbai Class Ammai Mass’ ends up as a damp squib.

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All that Haripriya gets to do for most part of the movie is look and act seductive. While the only response that she gets from Sri is indifference, the audience wonders if the irritation that she is will persist all through the movie. Mercifully, sometime after the interval, there is ...

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