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4.5(2) 132 mins 05 Jun 2015 U/A

Andhra Pori is an Indian Telugu language film. It is Raj Madiraju's third film as a director after Uncle and Rushi.

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The film based on teenage love story was a big hit in Marathi and it has been remade in Telugu by Prasad Productions. The film is the debut film of Puri Jagannadh’s son.
Given its success in Marathi, one is bound to have expectations, but when you actually watch the film, it turns out to be a half-baked love story. Usually, teenage love stories are meant to remind the adults of their teenage years and the teenagers of their present experiences.
But the film does not have the innocence or the cuteness of a teenage love story. Well, a ...

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On the whole, Andhra Pori marks a decent debut for Akash Puri. This young actor has a bright future and would be good if he takes a break and comes back well trained in all departments. A boring first half and dragged out narration are the biggest drawbacks of this film. All those who like teenage love stories might end up liking it, but for the rest it is strictly a below average affair.

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