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Romance, Comedy
2.67(3) 126 mins 05 May 2017 A

A bachelor's days of sleeping around and never committing to one women abruptly come to an end. When he begins to fall for the girl of his dreams, Madhav quickly tries to change his ways.

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Babu Baga Bore 3 greatandhra | 23 Aug 2018

Remake of Bollywood movie "Hunterrr", "Babu Baga Busy" is a comedy with coming-of-age jokes. Considering the cheap sex comedies Tollywood churns out regularly, this remake of 'Hunterrr' looked refreshing at the beginning of the movie. But the director has wasted the opportunity by resorting to regular way of handling it.
Though the film talks about Avasarala Srinivas's huge score, it doesn't focus on sexual episodes. It neither caters to those who look for some solid sex scenes, nor it appeals to people who come to enjoy some decent adult comedy.
Though it is not lowbrow, it doesn't ...

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When Tollywood audience is evolving by accepting different kinds of films these days, the makers of Babu Baaga Busy had a good chance of taking the adult comedy genre to the next level. But sadly, this film has neither interesting adult content or the necessary comedy. This remake gone wrong has some romantic scenes which will be liked by the youth but for other audience, this film ends up as a horrible and disappointing watch this weekend and will surely get washed way in the huge wave of Baahubali.

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