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Action, Adventure, Romance, Drama
4.5(2) 133 mins 10 Jun 2011 A

Badri, under the guidance of his martial arts and spiritual guru Bhishma, becomes the protector of the Badrinath temple. Badri meets Alakananda, an agnostic, and attempts to revive her faith in God.

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Badrinath is a 2011 Indian Telugu-language action film directed by V. V. Vinayak, written by Chinni Krishna and produced by Allu Aravind. The film stars his son Allu Arjun in leading role along with Tamannaah and Prakash Raj. The film revolves around Badri, a skilled warrior trained by a religious Guru Bheeshma Narayan. After being made the protector of Badrinath temple, he finds his loyalties divided when he tries to revive the faith of Alakananda, an atheist, in God and gets caught in violent battles with her cruel uncle Sarkar, while his Guru suspects him to be in love with Alakananda, something against the rules for becoming his successor.

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Allu Arjun




V. V. Vinayak


Allu Aravind


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Badrinath, despite the fervent wishes of Allu Arjun's fans, will not set the box office on fire. A soulless second-half and an abruptly ending weak climax are the main drawbacks of the film.

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