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3.67(3) 141 mins 28 Jun 2019 U

This is the story of 'R3 batch' consisting of Rocky, Rambo and Rahul, three friends who keep failing every year and are stuck with studying inter.

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Brochevarevarura Ra is a crime comedy that delves into the misadventures of three slackers - Rocky, Rambo and Rahul - who are thick as thieves. Directed by Vivek Athreya, the film stars Sri Vishnu and Nivetha Thomas in central role.

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On the whole, Brochevarevarura is a crime comedy which has good fun and entertaining thrills. The fun is generated in a simple manner and keeps you hooked for the most part of the film. The lead cast performance will surely win your hearts. However, things become a bit slow and ...

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