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5(1) 175 mins 12 Feb 2005 U

The son of a municipality truck driver and the daughter of a millionaire are classmates who fall in love. The girl's father gets the boy arrested on false charges in order to get him out of the way.

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Dhairyam (Telugu: ధైర్యం) is a 2005 Telugu movie. The movie stars Nitin and Raima Sen in lead roles. The film is directed by Teja. The score and soundtrack was composed by Anup Rubens and was released in February 2005 and it was an average movie at the box office.

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First half of the film is OK. Second half is a let down. The point of heroine's father putting hero in jail and hero trying to escape does not go well with audiences. Teja's forte is doing love stories. The first half of the film is love story ...

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