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Action, Drama
5(1) 154 mins 20 Dec 2007 A

Chandu, a college student, falls in love with his classmate Indu. Trouble ensues when Shankar, a gangster, kills a bank's chairperson and holds Chandu's father, ACP Bose, accountable for it.

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First half of the film runs with high voltage introduction of Nagarjuna and his love track. Second half becomes serious with the fight between Mumbai Don Stephen and Hyderabadi Don Nagarjuna. Climax concludes the film abruptly.

All the characters in the film (be it Mumbai based mafia dons or Goan ladies) speak only in Telugu. There is a ‘Note’ in the beginning of the film stating “We are showing everyone in the film speaking only in Telugu to make the Telugu audience understand the film”. So one has to go with the note and watch the film.

Lawrence ...

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