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Action, Romance, Comedy
6(4) 144 mins 14 Jan 2016 U/A

Raja is in love with Amulya and mistakenly hands over her pet dog to the municipal corporation. Amulya becomes furious and Raja ends up facing challenges while trying to retrieve her pet.

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Merlapaka Gandhi Director

Music 8

Praveen Lakkaraju Music Director
Bhaskarbhatla Lyricist
Shree Mani Lyricist
Sreejo Lyricist
Yazin Nizar Singer (Ee Vintha Needhiga, 24/7 Party)
Silvia Anisha Singer (Hulala)
Sweekar Agasthi Singer (Hulala)
Narendra Singer (Colorful Chilaka)


Merlapaka Gandhi Story, Screenplay & Dialogues

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