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Action, Drama
5(1) 175 mins 10 Sep 2004 U

Shankar falls in love with Gowri and finds out that she is being forced into marriage. Kumar Swamy tracks Gowri down and forces her to marry him. Shankar tricks Kumar Swamy and gets married to Gowri.

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Gudumba Shankar (Pawan Kalyan) is a casanova. He is a small-time thief who makes his living by arresting people. On his way to Mumbai, he accidentally meets Gowri (Meera Jasmine). Both of them are forced to travel together. A few more incidents make them good friends. Then Shankar realizes that Gowri is a girl who ran away from her house. By then, they start having feelings for each other.

A goonda Kumaraswamy (Ashish Vidyarthi) wants to marry Gowri forcibly, which is why she runs away from the home. Kumar Rathore finds out Gowri and takes her back to the house. Kumaraswamy is extremely superstitious and he heavily depends on the astrology of Parabrahma Swamy (Brahmanandam). Shankar blackmails Parabrahma Swamy and joins the wedding house as the wedding planner along with Ali and two other buddies. Shankar tricks Kumara Swamy so that he could marry Gowri.

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Gudumba Shankar 5 idle brain | 17 Jul 2019

First half of the film suffers with poor narration and odd situations (especially series of events that happen when hero and heroine travel on the road). Second half is better as the locations and situations become familiar. The positive points of the film are comedy by Pawan Kalyan and songs ...

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