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6(2) 145 mins 14 Sep 2001 U

Two strangers meet at a suicide point and help each other die. But they are saved and go their separate ways. Both are set to get married but they flee from their respective homes at the last moment.

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Ravi Teja Subramanyam
Tanu Roy Sravani
Annapoorna Subramanyam's Mother
Tanikella Bharani Subramanyam's uncle
L. B. Sriram Sundar


Puri Jagannadh Director

Music 9

Chakri Music Director
Chandrabose Lyricist
Kandikonda Lyricist
Sahithi Lyricist
Chakri Singer (Emoemavuno, Happy Day)
Sudha Singer (Neekosam)
Sukhwinder Singh Singer (Ramasakkani)
Kousalya Singer (Malli Kuyave, Pillo Pisinari Pillo)
Hariharan Singer (Malli Kuyave)


Puri Jagannadh Story, Screenplay & Dialogues

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