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4.67(3) 128 mins 11 Nov 2011 U/A

Arjun, a game developer from Hyderabad, loves Vandana, a fashion designer from Vizag. Circumstances force her to move-in with Arjun. But, her parents' objection leads to a rift between the lovers.

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Music 7

Sunil Kashyap Music Director
Sirasri Lyricist
Dinker Singer (Ninnala Lede)
Pranavi Acharya Singer (Neeloni Digule)
Hemachandra Singer (Muppai Sekanle)
N. C. Karunya Singer (Thadi Pedavule Kalisi, Nindainaa Nee Chelimi)
Sunil Kashyap Singer (Gallate)

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