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6(2) 166 mins 09 May 2008 U/A

Kranti, an orphan, joins PR's gang in order to secretly amass his wealth and use it for his orphanage. When he finds that PR has attacked Krishna, an innocent man, he decides to help him.

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Kantri is a 2008 action thriller written and directed by Meher Ramesh starring NTR Jr, Hansika Motwani, and Tanisha Mukherjee in the main lead. The movie is about an NRI returns to his village with his family with a mission to better the lives of the village natives. But in a sudden turn of events, the NRI is left helpless, as a fellow villager steals the money and flees. The village is now the head of a huge business empire, which is a result of his corrupt activities. The NRI returns, this time for vengeance. Mani Sharma has composed the music for the film and C. Ashwini Dutt produced it.

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Meher Ramesh


Ashwini Dutt


Mani Sharma


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The film starts with flashback montages along with titles simultaneously. The high-pace action scenes mixed up with a sentiment in disguise makes the film a pleasant entertainer. Had the comedy been added more, the film would have been the best entertainer. Meher Ramesh, the captain of the film struggled really ...

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'con'tri 6 idlebrain.com | 14 Sep 2018

The first half of the film is good. The tempo goes down in the second half. The twist towards climax is interesting. But the fights that follow appear extended. The plus points of the film are NTR’s energizing performance (dialogues, dances and emotions) and the first half. On the ...

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