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6(1) 144 mins 04 Dec 2004 U

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Kalidasu (Sivaji) is fed up with his financial situation and resorts to ending his life. But he is saved by JK (Prakash Raj) in the last moment. JK promises to give all the money Kalidasu needs without any strings attached. JK runs a secret trust that helps the victims in distress who resorts to the act of suicide.

Kalidasu notices Alakananda (Veda) on a TV program and falls in love with her at the first sight. Alakananda runs a flower boutique for work satisfaction though she is a daughter of a millionaire. Kaludasu proposes to Alakananda. She tells him to befriend her for a few days so that she could know more about Kalidasu before taking a decision. As Kalidasu try to get closer to Alakananda, the things between them get worse. The rest of the film is about whether Alakananda accepts Kaludasu's proposition or not.

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First half of the film is OK. Interval bang is good. Second half is a bit slow. Climax is abrupt. KTVC is a typical Vamsi's film with love, crime and comedy entangled. Plus points of the film are music and comedy. This film does not have anything that puts ...

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