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Action, Drama
6.33(3) 161 mins 28 Mar 2014 A

Krishna is an Indian who lives in Dubai. When he is away from home, he falls in love with Sneha. He comes to India to seek the blessings of his grandmother.

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The film starts in 1989 where Jitendra (Jagapathi Babu) and his father, a ruthless don in Kurnool are in Vizag to meet Jitendra's proposed bride ( Kalyani), the daughter of the local MLA. During their return, Jitendra accidents an aged man and also shoots a bystander who asked him to come out of the car. So, they both, along with their henchmen, are taken to the local landlord (Suman) who lives with his family, consisting of his mother; wife (Suhasini Maniratnam), who is a college lecturer; sister (Eashwari Rao); brother-in-law (Rao Ramesh); their children; son Jaidev (who is in his teens), daughter; and his trusted accomplice Raghavaiah (Chalapathi Rao). The landlord asks Jitendra to apologize to the injured persons and asks him to pay compensation. This hurts Jitendra's ego and he insults the people calling them as poor. The landlord angrily slaps him and gets him arrested, and thus, Jitendra vows to take revenge.

Jitendra's father (Ramaraju) then kidnaps the landlord's wife and Jaidev, and forces him to take back the complaint. Jitendra is released and he goes to the place where they are held captive. Much to his shock, he sees his father and many of their henchmen killed. One henchmen the reveals that Ramaraju had killed Jaidev's mother because he had hurt their ego and in rage Jaidev kills mostly all of them. Thus their enmity gets permanent. Back in the landlord's house, Jaidev's grandmother (Sujata Kumar) fears that he might be killed like his great-grandfather, grandfather and uncle, so she tells them to stop all this enmity. Meanwhile, Jitendra wants to take revenge and his anger rises day by day and he settles in Vizag along with all their henchmen and also kills his father in law as he tried to stop him. Fearing the worst, the landlord sends all his family members abroad, but gets killed in hands of Jitendra, which prompts the family to decide that they will not come back to India.

The story shifts forward to present 2014, where Krishna (Nandamuri Balakrishna), is in Dubai where he saves a bunch of Indian girls to be sold in flesh trade and is planning to come back in Vizag along with his girlfriend Sneha (Sonal Chauhan) and guru Manikyam (Brahmanandam) to set talks about their marriage in India. He then meets with Sneha's father (Ahuti Prasad), who is also the business partner of Jitendra. When he returns from the airport, he saves a dock worker who was an ex-MLA from the hands of Jitendra's elder son Chotu (Saravanan) and his henchmen as they wanted to kill him, so that no evidence could be left for their pending cases. Krishna thrashes them badly, and this is noticed by two of Jaidev's former accomplices. Meanwhile, Chotu and the ex-MLA are both admitted to the same hospital. Chotu knows about this and goes to kill him, but in mysterious circumstances gets killed himself. The police, under the payroll of Jitendra, headed by a corrupt ACP, view the CCTV footage which show that the same person was present at both the spots. Enraged he finds about Krishna and goes to kill him. At the temple he shoots him and orders his second son and henchmen to kill the whole family including Sneha, but that the right time are saved by Jaidev (also Nandamuri Balakrishna), and elder brother of Krishna). Jaidev then kills all the henchmen and Jitendra's second son and the ACP and threatens the current MLA (Jaya Prakash Reddy) to face severe consequences if Jeetendra is not in control. He also reveals that it was him who killed Chotu in the hospital and not Krishna. During the funeral of Jeetendra's sons, MLA tells Jaidev's story to Jitendra's youngest son, and tells that he has a dangerous past.

The story then shifts to 1999, where Jitendra wanted to make his brother Ajay (Ajay) the MLA and killed the local MP for not giving the party ticket due to his criminal nature. Jaidev, along with his accomplices, then thrashes him personally and gets Jitendra arrested. He is meanwhile separated from his family by his grandmother, as he had not obeyed her orders and continues to fight for the poor. His cousin Radhika (Radhika Apte) falls in love with him, and Jaidev reluctantly accepts her love. Jaidev saves his sister (Sithara) from child abortion and slaps his brother-in-law in front of everyone and tells the importance of women in our society. He also threatens a state union minister from Delhi, who wants to make Jeetendra Chief Minister. Meanwhile, Krishna is kidnapped by Ajay and demands Jeetendra to be released. Jaidev goes to Jeetendra's house and saves his brother Krishna and kills Ajay and many of his henchmen. He threatens Jeetendra to leave Vizag and never to show is face again. At the railway station in Kurnool, he is then again forced by his most trusted accomplice and right hand (G. V. Sudhakar Naidu) to take revenge. Jitendra then goes back to Vizag, kidnaps Radhika and takes her to a railway yard where he stabs her. Jaidev comes and kills all of the remaining henchmen including Jeetendra's right hand and infuriating Jeetendra (Although, Jeetendra surives the kill and is revived). Radhika dies in Jaidev's arms. His grandmother then exempts him from the family and tells him to never show his face again otherwise she will commit suicide.

The story then shifts to the present where the MLA advises Jeetendra's third son to go to America in order to avoid Jaidev. In the hospital Jaidev apologizes to his grandmother as he had shown his face, but she realises her mistake and reunites with Jaidev and orders him to finish Jeetendra. Meanwhile Jeetendra is planning to become the Chief Minister with the help of a Central Union Minister(who was the state union minister then) and so he plans to bribe all the candidates to get majority seats. Just before the meeting, he comes to know that Jaidev had called them to a different location where he threatens all the candidates to work for the people. The candidates agree to support Jaidev. Jeentendra comes to the venue and attempts to kill all the candidates, but are saved by Jaidev. In an ensuing fight, Jaidev kills Jitendra, once and for all and all his henchmen. The story ends with Jaidev declaring the win of good over evil.

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Feast for fans 6 idlebrain | 27 Aug 2018

First half of the film is okay. Interval bang is good. Second half has powerful moments and emotionally charged scenes. Plus points of the film are Bala Krishna’s ferocious performance (as Jai Dev) and powerful dialogues written by M Ratnam. On the flip side, there is a lot of ...

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>The biggest draw for Legend is his performance. There is nothing much to the story and the same can be said about screenplay. But Boyapati Srinu manages to make a character that is in keeping with Balayya’s image.

>Balayya gives his 100 per cent to a character that suits ...

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‘Legend’ has some explosive moments in the second half and powerful punch dialogues from Balakrishna. The film is a solid commercial entertainer that can do great business at the Box Office.

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