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Romance, Drama
4.5(2) 124 mins 05 Mar 2010 A

The story revolves around Suhani who goes through a series of events which makes her mentally unsound. She gets defamed by her friend then the man she loves dumps her.

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Thumbs Down 4 | 11 Sep 2018

Although dialogues are sensible, they couldn’t get right attention—just like tasty cherries on rotten pastry!!

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It’s hard to believe that Priyamani and Jagapathi Babu have acted in a film like ‘Sadhyam’. If the onscreen chemistry which the duo share on screen is the reason why they continue to act in a series of films, then a film like ‘Sadhyam’ definitely comes as a wake up call! The film is unintentionally funny and at the same time excruciatingly painful to sit through. The so called twists and turns is just a lame excuse to drag the film to test your patience. Two thumbs down for Sadhyam. Both Priyamani and Jagapathi Babu have had better films ...

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