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7(1) 162 mins 09 Jun 2004 U/A

Samba and Pasupathi vie for each other's blood due to an old family feud. Samba wishes to further his dad's dream of making education available to one and all. However, Pasupathi stands in his way.

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Dharmayya Naidu (Vijayakumar) is an underworld kingpin who lost his wife because he is uneducated. Hence, he wants to felicitate education in his seema area by constructing schools. He realizes that the quarry he owns has good quality granite deposits. Samba (NTR Jr.) is Dharmayya Naidu's son. Pasupathi (Prakash Raj) is Dharmayya Naidu's son-in-law. Pasupathi plays the game in such a way that Dharmayya Naidu is forced to give granite quarry as a dowry to Pasupathi's family, due to which Dharmayya Naidu's daughter commits suicide. When Samba comes to know the reason behind his sister's suicide, he occupies the quarry and kills Pasupathi's brothers. Pasupathi kills everybody in Samba's house in retaliation.

Samba and his nemesis Pasupathi take shelter in Kanchi and Amritsir respectively as police ban them from entering AP for a year. Samba settles as a saree manufacturer and trader in Kanchi (Tamil Nadu). The rest of the story is all about how he returns to Seema and takes vengeance against Pasupathi and then starts serving in educational field.

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V. V. Vinayak


Mani Sharma


Kona Venkat


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Samba 7 idle brain | 17 Jul 2019

If B Gopal has chosen a convoy of white Sumo cars to exhibit the power of factionists in Narasimha Naidu, VV Vinayak has replaced TATA Sumos with TATA Safaris. If villain had 4 white safaris, the hero has six black safaris. And there is a convoy of 24 black safari ...

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