20 Years for Antahpuram

20 Years for Antahpuram

It's been 20 years for Krishna Vamshi's "Antahpuram". Lets discuss about it.

1 year ago | By Shashank Yadav

One can easily argue that you cannot forget a movie like antahpuram even if you’ve seen it just once. Reason lies in many aspects, but first, the cast of the movie is so perfect it would’ve been a completely different product lest one of the main characters was changed. Prakash Raj as Narasimham, Sai Kumar as Prakash, Soundarya as Bhanumathi, Jagapathi Babu as Sarai Veeraraju has imprinted their talent all over the names of those characters. Of course, movie seems a little gory on the screens with all the violence, factionism, muddy and bloody background, but the director didn’t fail to connect the audience with the main intent of the movie- Human relations and realizations. A story is pinned in our brains only when it is attached to intense philosophies which, for this movie is “Men are mountains of ego and women are ocean of emotion” and “traditions comes with a cost i.e., common sense”. Imagine this, your son is murdered by your enemy, next thing you would wanna do is kill your enemy, but training your 5 yr old grandchild to avenge his father’s death in the name of tradition is the absence of rational thinking. Now imagine this, your husband is murdered for his family heritage reasons and your father-in-law is trying to risk your son’s life in the name of heritage, what would anyone wanna do? Obviously what ‘Bhanumathi’ did in this movie. It’s these kind of things that made audience remember it for many years and may be many years to come. Most of the credit should be given to the director- Krishna Vamsi for his effort in producing this great piece of art. And it is almost a sin not to mention the music by ilayaraja. Songs like ‘asalem guthukuradu’, ‘Suridu Puvva’. ‘Shivamethara sambayya’ have the tunes of ilayaraja and the words of sirivennala which made them good pieces of art.

Prakash Raj(Narasimham)

He is unarguably one of the best actors for an antagonist role in any story. His performance in this movie fetched him National Film Award – Special Jury Award / Special Mention (Feature Film). It was the early stages for Prakash raj in his carrier and his performance in antahpuram boosted his chances in Telugu film industry. If not for him, ‘Narasimham’ character in this movie would’ve been just a far memory in our minds.


After ‘Mahanati Savitri’, if there’s any actress who earned a permanent place in telugu people’s hearts, it sure is Soundarya. Not only her natural beauty but also her performance as a determined mother who saves her son from her violent and foolish father-in-law had attracted the audience. She won the ‘Filmfare Award(South) for Best Actress’ for Bhanumathi role in this movie.

Jagapati Babu(Sarayi Veeraraju)

Another Character we cannot forget in this movie is ‘Sarayi Veeraraju’ played by Jagapati babu. Sarayi Veeraraju is a petty and free roaming thief who helps the escaped Bhanumati to elude away from her father-in-law who wants to make her son a factionist and avenge Prakash (Narasimham’s son). Although the screen time for this character is very less, Jagapati Babu filled the role with liveliness and awe that we wish we had friend like him. He also received the “Filmfare Award(South) for best supporting role’ in Antahpuram.


Antahpuram was first made in 1998 in telugu under Anandi Art Creations banner and produced by P. Kiran. It was later remade in Tamil in 1999 with the same name and almost the same cast. It was also remade in Hindi as ‘Shakti- the power’ in 2003. This film has won many awards including “Filmfare- best film, director and actress”, “Nandi- best actor, supporting actor, child actor, art director, female dubbing artist, costume and special Jury”. However, this movie can be marked as one of the master pieces in telugu films for it’s inception of faction stories, Krishna Vamsi’s handling of large number of characters and many more elements. But one thing remains as a void in our movie memory is that it’s been 20 years since this movie has come and we still look  for such masterpieces in the old era.

Written By: GG

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