5 Years for 1 Nenokkadine

5 Years for 1 Nenokkadine

Here is a small article on 1 Nenokkadine

1 year ago | By Harsha Pagilla

Mana Tollywoodlo cinema ante evaraina details gurinchi matladite akkada jarige discussion hero entha mandini kottadu, enni dance steps unnay oka songlo. Ade oka thriller movie ante dayyam comedians kotte scenes enni unnay? Ila jarige discussions deggarinundi cinemalo prati chinna detail gurinchi matlade chesina cinema 1 Nenokkadine.

Hero chinnappudu aadukune rubics cube deggari nundi Titles padetappudu vache music daaka ilaa prati chinna detail cinema ki kathani add chestundi ani Indian movies lo the best psychological thriller ni manaki andinchadu director Sukumar. Ee cinema gurinchi cheppalante enni page lu rasina takkuve. Anduke eesari ee movie goppadananni oka scene toh explain cheddam anukuntunnanu.

First Half starting lo hero tananevaro champutunnattu oohinchukuntadu. So he chases him in a bike. Idanta journalist aina heroine video camera lo shoot chestu untundi.

It goes on like this:

Gautham(the protagonist) is a rock star, he is doing a concert and suddenly a guy appears from nowhere and tries to kill hero with a gun. Gautham dodges the bullet and runs outside to catch that guy. Suddenly he sees a hoarding of a car outside. Like this.

Next moment, he was hit by the same car.

Gautham chases that car on a bike. Here come the small details which show the depth of the character. (Hallucinations of the protagonist)

The first car goes through a tunnel.

Nothing happens only car headlights were visible.

And now bike passes through the same tunnel.

You can see at top of the tunnel two lights were on.(sensor lights)

Because there is no car at all. He's just hallucinating it.

In the next shot.( passing through a water pit)

Same thing happens. First car passes through it. No water splash.

But when the bike passes, this happens

These are fewer details. In the entire movie, there are so many such which makes this movie a masterpiece in our films. 

Boxoffice deggara anukunanta aadarana raledu kani, Movie lovers ki eppudu oka best movie ga 1 Nenokkadine gurtundipotundi. Movie release ayyi ayyi 5 years aina sandarbhanga, ee chinna article.

Written By: Harsha Pagilla

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