Life is always as simple as it will be, but people always make it complicated. Unfortunately

1 year ago | By Harsha Pagilla

Life is always as simple as it will be, but people always make it complicated. Unfortunately, it will be complicated by the people they love or used to love. People love other people and keep some expectations. They literally don’t give any fuck about others feelings. They only want what they want from them. Anyway back to the title, Heathens. It means a person who doesn’t belong to any trouble causing religions like JC’s squad or People fucked by Hitler or People who marry multiple wives. But in this story Heathens means everyone, every fucking guy or a girl walking on this planet. You see every person is different from others, so there is no point of grouping to fucks into one community. I am going to judge everyone in this story kids, boy, girl and even god. Maybe I’m wrong but who cares it’s my PERSPECTIVE.

Boy: Who is he?

Girl: He is just a friend.

Boy: Just a friend? I saw you hugging him yesterday.

Girl: You’re doubting me?

Boy: Hell yeah. I’ve seen with my own eyes. Why did you hug him at those hours?

Girl: God!! what kind of a guy you are? A hug doesn’t mean I’m cheating you.

Boy: Then what does it mean cheating in your view?

Girl: I can’t believe choosing you as my boyfriend. You’re such a narrow- minded. It’s over let's break up.

Boy: What? No, I’m just a little concern about your relationship with that guy. My friends told that they’ve seen you moving closely with that guy.

Girl: Your friends are idiots like you. I’m done giving an explanation about every fucking thing that I do. GOODBYE.

And after a week our pathetic hero still weeping about the girl. His friends finally succeeded to bring him out of the room. They tried to console him all the possible ways they can. But after a while, our guy sees her ex with that so-called guy holding hands and smiling at his stupid jokes. Watching that site his heart broke into pieces. He can’t watch that anymore, so he comes back to his room and starts his daily duty weeping.

At the weekend our guy guys come to his place with some special liquids. They drink it and starts to curse. First, they start with that friendly girl then that hugger guy and then every fucking thing. They curse Education, Society and even the Nation. Every boozing session ends like this but this is a different kinda story. In this small heathens group, there is one guy watching every session. Listening to the same bullshit every time. He doesn’t drink but he comes to the session for moral support ( To drop the drunken guys to their respective rooms.)

This time his threshold limit was over. And now the story goes like this.

” Stop the fucking session idiots” he screamed to them. Everybody stopped talking and stared at him in shock.

” What the fucking is going on right here? You bunch of miserable fuckers. This fucking session will be there in every semester. The heartbroken guy tells his story and you curse girls, society and every fucking thing. What are you? Babies? complaining about every fucking thing. Let me tell you one thing no one gives a shit about how you feel. You know why? Because every guy goes through the same phase. They have their own fucking problems to solve. Stop whining and move one.” he said.

” What to do bro? There is no true love. We love them so much but they betray and go to the other guys” another guy said.

” Let me ask you something. Your Ex Nina, how do you guys meet exactly?”

” She was my classmate and….”

” No no, I know that shit. I am asking how you guys became couples?”

” She used to date another guy in our first year. He cheated on her, she was depressed so I tried to give my shoulder to cry. A gradually we became close.”

” Ok, she was miserable at those times and you took advantage of her.”

” No no I didn’t, I was just being a good friend.”

” Then why did you add the boy in front of friend afterward? Let me tell you a small story.”

In this story, I am going to erase all the cuss word and use metaphors instead. Because I don’t want to offend the respected animals in the forest. Ok, it goes like this.

Long Long ago there was a dense forest. In that forest, there lives a pack of foxes. Just like humans, there are different kind of foxes Male, Female, Babies, etc. So in that pack there used to be a Prom Queen. She is obsessed with tails of male foxes( Tails you know what I mean right). So she goes to male foxes and asks for their respective tails. Obviously, all male foxes want to submit their tails to prom queen. So they cut their tails and submit them to our great prom queen. Our prom queen made every male fox to cut their tails but she couldn’t find a perfect tail for her. After a while, she realized that she also has a fucking tail and left all the pack.

So from this fucking story what do you understand guys?

” That prom queen cheated all the foxes.” one of the guys said.

No, you fucking idiots. That female foxes also have tails and you can’t give your tails to them. You can use it for yourselves. All the male foxes want only one thing PROM QUEEN. Why can’t that miserable foxes didn’t get that there are also other female foxes left in that pack?. So my innocent bastards what I am saying is stop whining for the wrong partner and start searching for your soul partner.

“What you said was totally right. But how can we search in this pack of wolves?. All are the same cunning and selfish.” other guy said.

So what? She may be a wolf but you are the male wolf “The Alfa”. If they are cunning then you too become cunning. If they are selfish then you too become selfish. There is no good or bad my friends it’s just a mirror raised by a bunch of people to tackle the strong ones. So don’t fall for the false relations and curse yourself for the rest of your lives.

Written By: Harsha Pagilla

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