Mithunam oka Adbhutam

Mithunam oka Adbhutam

Tanikella Bharani's "Mithunam" completed 6 years. Here's a small article about the movie.

1 year ago | By Shashank Yadav

Making a movie about two old people might be cool but making a movie with only two people must be challenging. Maybe, that is why there was never a movie like mithunam until an artist who worked for over 750 films as an actor performing all kinds of characters and also as a writer for some of them realized the challenge, accepted it and brought out a wonderful masterpiece. Midhunam sure is a great and unique movie. The greatness of the movie lies in the literature adapted. 99% of the dialogues and words you hear are pure Telugu which is a rare quality of 90% of the Telugu movies. In an era where most of the movies are made to reflect movies of greater success in other industries, Tanikella Bharani garu succeeded in directing a movie with an adapted story from a novel named, Midhunam written by Sri Ramana garu. The uniqueness of the movie lies in the making of it with a minimum number of human characters, yet making it a non-boring script with all the old style humor, long time romance, human to nature connection and extended married life.

The word Midhunam actually means a heavenly couple entwined with divinity. The story reflects this meaning in a beautiful way. It’s a story about two people aged 60+, Appa Das and Butchi Lakshmi who live alone in a small village but are never lonely. Their five children have settled abroad and occasionally speak to them on phone. But it is not the ring of the phone that Appa Das waits for. He would rather live life to the fullest, sharing the rest of it, with his dear one. He finds happiness in talking to his cattle in the backyard, reading small poems he wrote about his wife, looking after his little garden, etc. They even name the fruits in the garden and discuss their growth from time to time. The movie is a true example of the phrase “Old is gold”. It showcases all the old-time things like a radio, stone mortar(రుబ్బు రొలు), millstone(తిరగలి) and golden customs like eating on a banana leaf, pulleying water from the well etc. However, Tanikella Bharani garu broke all the formulae of modern moviemaking in Telugu industry to bring out a great piece of art.

The cast of the movie, S P Balasubramanyam garu as Appa Das and actress Lakshmi garu as Butchi Lakshmi are so perfect for the roles that made the audience connect to their lives or people from their lives. Old people from small villages would find this movie so close to their hearts as it reflected their routines and romances in a beautiful script. Most of the credit obviously goes to the director Tanikella Bharani garu. His ideology, uncompromised effort to not put anything commercial and his immense grip on Telugu literature made the two hours a pleasant journey.

"ఆటగద జననాలు ఆటగద మరణాలు మధ్యలొ ప్రణయాలు ఆటగద నీకు…

ఆటగద సొంతాలు ఆటగద పంతాలు

ఆటగద సొంతాలు ఆటగద పంతాలు ఆటగద అంతాలు ఆట నీకు...

ఆటగదరా శివ... ఆటగద కేశవ…

ఆటగదరా శివ ఆటగద కేశవ ఆటగదరా నీకు అమ్మతోడు

ఆటగదరా శివ ఆటగద కేశవ"

Another sweet trait of the movie is that audience will surely have an immense urge to eat a nice Telugu-Bhojanam after watching this movie. Appa das description of every food item sure makes us mouth-watering. However, people should be able to understand the pure Telugu used on screen to fully appreciate the essence of this masterpiece which can be rare among Telugu youth and so is a pity. The death of both the characters in the movie makes our eyes wet and is a proof that Tanikella Bharani is a great philosopher and an influencer for writing “aata kadara shiva” song and incorporating it this movie. Finally, the whole movie can be summed up in three letters-  అధ్బుతః

Written by: G G

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