The King of All Superstars

The King of All Superstars

Here's a special article on Superstar's Rajinikanth birthday.

1 year ago | By Shashank Yadav

It’s been 103 years since Indian cinema had started. In all these years, people experienced the greatness of many movie legends. Legends in acting, directing, music and all other crafts of moviemaking has been blowing our minds with their skills and talents from the very beginning. One such great personality and the man of the day is the great Rajinikanth. Born in Karnataka in 1950, Shivaji Rao Gaekwad was the youngest of the four siblings and showed a great interest in the art of acting from a very young age. He used to act in plays during his time as a student in Ramakrishna math and also had been praised by a Kannada poet D. R. Bendre. Shivaji Rao had to work in some sweaty jobs like coolie, carpenter and bus conductor before transforming into Superstar Rajinikanth. However, all the Vedic education from Ramkrishna math and the experience from his old jobs is the reason for his simple and spiritual lifestyle, another trait that made him a superstar in our hearts. His acting journey started with very small and indifferent roles in Tamil movies but made his debut as a pivotal character in a Telugu movie Anthuleni Katha which was directed by K Balachandar. Superstar considers director Balachandar not only his guru but his whole acting school. Anyone who watches movies and care to think about them understands that an actor needs a special charisma to attract the audience and convert them into their fans. I bet Rajinikanth is the king of charisma and an actor of a unique style. Here are some things that became popular with his name attached to it.

Flipping The Cigarette

Anyone who smokes should agree that we tried at least 10 times to do this feat of flipping the cigarette in the air and catch it with our mouths trying to imitate the thalaivar. Anyone who doesn’t smoke should’ve tried it with a pen or a pencil. Rajinikanth is the owner of this style which also became a trait of heroism in many movies. It was first filmed in the Tamil movie- Moondru Mudichu(1976) but we still find it awesome when Rajini does it.

The Salute

I already mentioned that to remember an actor, he should be able to provide new catchy things to the audience as they progress but that doesn’t include Rajinikanth. The wave he initiated with his hands to perform a salute in the movie Narasimha(Padiyappa in Tamil) is still a sensation despite being filmed only once.

The Walk

In Rajinikanth’s walk, you find pride and confidence of a man who rose to super-stardom against all odds. While the star walks a bit faster than people normally do, it has never been an issue for filmmakers who captured it in slow motion on several occasions in his films, much to the delight of his fans. Not to mention many stylish revolutions he brought into existence like wearing goggles, his hairstyles and etc, has made his films an awesome piece of art.

Some of us always fail to recognize that Rajinikanth is not just a commercial hero but also an experimental giant. He signed and acted in many experimental movies without any hesitation. Baba is one of such movie with a good story and a great philosophy but failed at the box office for directional faults. When a hero has reached the top of stardom hill, he always finds it difficult to try new things in the fear of losing fans and so end up making formula movies. Rajinikanth is an exception of this stereotype, every movie he made has a different story and a different backdrop than the previous one. Movies Narasimha, Arunachalam, Dalapathi, Muthu etc are the successful proofs for the above statement. His movie Shivaji-the boss is one of the best movies in Indian Cinema dealing with political corruption and black money and of course was a box office boom in 2007. Later he made Enthiran(Robo) which was the highest budget movie of its time and was also a super hit. Sequel to this movie was released a couple of weeks back entangled with reviews. However, you never see a movie with Rajinikanth in it being a flop.

Apart from his greatness in an acting career, Rajinikanth is also a legend among people for his simple and spiritual psyche. Even though he has all the riches a man can have on this planet like money, fame, fans, skill, and talent, he was never a show-off. Instead, he inspires his followers that no other lifestyle gives you ecstasy than the most simple one. He always tries to reflect his simplicity and spirituality even in his attire. And the way he speaks is so friendly and natural, anyone who listens to it surely leaves with the pleasant mood from his company. His belief in God is made clear in his every speech and motivates a lot of his fans resulting in them worshipping him as their god. 

Finally, Indian cinema had many great legends mostly for their extraordinary skill and talent. Only a few won our hearts with their personality and charisma along with their corresponding profession. There is no doubt in naming Rajinikanth among those few. Maybe that is the reason why he is called Thalaiva by his fans and he surely deserves the title or any other honors he received like Padma Bhushan and Padma Vibhushan. But the only thing that makes my heart weep is that the era of Rajinikanth is near to the end and all I can do is to wish and hope to find more stars like him in the coming future. Wishing Thalaivar a very Happy Birthday, I spend my day watching his movies and rejuvenating his legend.

Written By: GG

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