The New Era in Tollywood

The New Era in Tollywood

This is an article about the present condition of Tollywood movies.

2 years ago | By Harsha Pagilla

Imagination is nothing without doing” Charlie Chaplin

The world of imagination is cinema. We create a imaginary world in the process of cinema. It is one of the most well appreciated field in the world. Actors, Directors, Musicians every person in the movie field are worshipped throughout the world. In india its beyond expectations. Movie lovers built temples to their favorite celebrities. They treated as demigods and have a vast influence in countries economy also. For state in india have a movie industry who produces films in their language. Tollywood is one of such industry and created a huge impact in Indian movie.

Impact of Tollywood in Indian Cinema

In the world of cinema Telugu movies played a wide role from the early years. Tollywood’s first Talkie movie Bhakta Prahalada was one of the masterpiece in Indian cinema. Maya Bazar is considered as one of the greatest film of all time was technically advanced film of that time.  From the early 1940’s legendary actors, directors, musicians started working here. Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao, SV Ranga Rao, Akkineni Nageswara Rao, Savitri, Suryakantham etc were some of the legendary actors who proved the stamina of telugu cinema. Family, Action, Adventure, Fantasy what not in every genre we have some iconic movies that were recognized by movie lovers around the world. 

Downfall of Tollywood

Though there are great movies made in telugu cinema, industry started going down due to the same old routine commercial formats. From 21st century every year Tollywood is producing 150 movie per year but only 5-6 movies were becoming successful.  That means only 4% of the projects reaching the expectations of audience.  To dodge the failure of the movie creator started making copy of hit formulas. These formula movies worked out for few years and again audience started disapproving such movies. This situation made horrified for the creator in tollywood. 

The New Era

The fear of failure made the creators to change from coming out of the stereotype thinking and started imagining once again. Production Houses started believing young director in their works. The results were beyond expectations. Movies like Baahubali created a special place for us in the world of cinema. But the strength of Tollywood stamina increased because of the films made by the young directors. Here are some of the iconic movies in this new era.


In the early of 2016 a small budget thriller movie made by the young hero Adivi Sesh along with his friends. The movie is about an NRI who comes to india to find the missing daughter of his ex girlfriend. The movie goes on with twisting plot lines and made audience to sit on the edge of their seat. Then they realised what was missing ingredient in telugu cinema. The movie was appreciated along the country and remade in bollywood.

2. Pellichoopulu

After Kshanam short film director tharun bhaskar dasyam made a feel good film with a budget of 60 lakhs. The movie was about the journey of careless boy and an ambitious girl to start a food truck. To release the movie makers approached Suresh Production which is one of the big shot in tollywood. After watching the movie they were awestruck by the concept and freshness of the story. They presented the movie under their banner and the movie was one the biggest hit 2016 with a whopping business about 25 crores. Not only business it also bagged two national award.

3. Arjun Reddy

In our telugu cinema we won’t accept the swearing and bold scenes in the movie. These sentiments were thrashed by the Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s Arjun Reddy. The movie is about a successful young medical surgeon, sets out on the path of self-destruction when his lady-love is forced to marry another man. From the early time of first look Arjun Reddy was under lot of controversies because of the boldness. It faced lot of troubles during the release but after the release of the movie, everyone were spell bounded by the screenplay of the movie. It created a mania in tollywood. Every celebrity became forward and expressed their feelings about the movie. It also being compared to Ram Gopal Varma’s 1983 Shiva which was one the greatest movie in India. Arjun Reddy whopped a business about 26 crores. Vijay Devarakonda also received filmfare for his performance in the movie.

4. Care Of Kancherapalem

The above movies were made according to the trend and new way of telling story. Though there was a realistic sense in the movie, it was made with few cinematic liberties to engage audience. But Care Of Kancherapalem was  different from those liberties. It is a story about the people we see around us daily. It is the story about the innocence of the people who believe in love no matter what consequences we face to our actions. The film isn't just a love story but deals with aspects of low income workers, prostitution, religion, caste and many more hidden aspects. Each and every character have a unique characterization which is very rare in tollywood. The movie was praised by every movie enthusiast who watched the movie. It is running successful all over the telugu states.

These are few of the great movie made in the last 3 years. Geetha Govindam, Goodachari, Awe, Ghazi, Taxiwala etc which also made a huge impact in tollywood. This shows from 2016 tollywood movie turned into different direction from boring commercial format movie to the new unorthodox style of storytelling and made profit by doing so. We wish this to continue in future to the welfare of indian cinema.  

Written By: Harsha Pagilla

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