What is RGV?

What is RGV?

Here's a small article on Ram Gopal Varma.

2 years ago | By Shashank Yadav

A more sensible question would be ‘who is RGV?’

But everyone knows ‘who’ RGV is. He is a regular human being with two legs, two hands, a torso and a face that never hides behind a mask. He makes movies for a living and tries to live his life to the fullest. This would sound perfect before a decade or decade and a half but as the digital media in India has risen, this man rose along with it and has become a Brand with his witty attitude and crazy comebacks being traveled a lot faster all over the place. We already know that RGV is a great filmmaker and his films shout out his ideas and perceptions towards human nature. But you become a brand, a source of inspiration when you retain the beliefs even in real life and maintain it against all odds. Even though RGV believe that birthdays are just another normal days that brings you closer to the end, we shall reminisce some of the peculiar works that made him the man as we know. 

1. Unique Film Craft

It would be fair to talk about his movies before anything else. He debuted in 1989 with the movie- ‘Shiva’ which was a trendsetter and box office exploder. He then directed many fictional and horror stories which were all a hit because of his unique understanding of the story and crazy camera techniques. He is the one who introduced Steadicam technology to India and that too in his first film.

2. Best True Stories

In the last decade, RGV has made 6 biopics namely Raktacharitra 1,2, Killing Veerappan, Vangaveeti, and most recently Lakshmi’s NTR. The Attack of 26/11 is a movie of next level based on true events. RGV made the audience feel frightened and a sense of patriotism at the same time in the movie The Attacks of 26/11. Every biopic made by him seems like the best thing to the movie industry and no one else can replace them with a better movie. Take Lakshmi’s NTR for example, two full-length NTR movies are released just before it’s release and yet Lakshmi’s NTR is the favorite NTR’s Biopic for the audience.

3. Twitter Sensations

Talking about his tweets doesn’t serve any purpose here. Just read these which amount to only 1% of what he does.

4.  Unpopular Philosophy 

He also wrote a book called Guns and thighs which was translated to Naa ishtam in Telugu. If you haven’t read the book, mark it on your to-do list. He mostly deals with working in the movie industry and criticizes the aspects of movie making in respect to human corruption. There is also series called ‘Ramuism’  which was aired on television which focuses on Varma's Point of view on social issues such as Education, Religion, Mythology, Children, Crime, Death, Anger, Godmen, Woman, Philosophy, Cinema, etc.

There are many more unique projects announced by RGV i.e., Guns and thighs web series, Kadapa web series, Nuclear movie and yet to release. Some can even argue that we don’t get to see them because nothing about it has even started but it is always true that if RGV made anything people will always look forward to watching them. We need more RGVs to make the world more entertaining.

Written By: GG

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