Telugu | A
Thriller, Drama | Nov. 20, 2020 | 92 mins

Anaganaga O Athidhi is a thriller movie directed by Dayal Padmanabhan starring Payal Rajput and Chaitanya Krishna in the lead roles.


Old and Cliched

By greatandhra | 10 months ago

Revolving around just four characters in a secluded house, the story unfolds like an old TV serial. The poor setup, the dialogues, the situations, and all have the stamp of an art movie of the 1970s. Paayal Rajput’s character is presented as a girl who is raging with hormones and talks about sex in a suggestive way – like plucking a sugar cane, telling her father that she also knows about his other ‘noisy’ activities. Except for the final twist, the entire drama makes a dreary watch. “Anaganaga O Athidhi” is another low-quality movie with hardly any redeeming points.

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