Telugu | U
Romance, Drama | Oct. 15, 2004 | 180 mins

After Roopa's family dies in a car accident, she starts living independently with self-esteem. Anand, a rich man, falls in love with her and moves into her neighbourhood to win her over.


Anand (manchi coffee lanti cinema)

By idle brain | 2 years ago

This film released with 4 prints in 3 cities (Hyderabad, Vizag and Warangal). All the shows in Usha Mayuri and Prasads are housefuls so far. This film is made on a shoestring budget of 1.5 crores. This film would be released with more prints in other areas and should get decent profits. The show that I had been to in Usha Mayuri (I did not manage to get a ticket at Prasads even in advance booking) has half of the theater filled with ladies. The commercial range of this film would depend on A center crowds and ladies.

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