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Romance, Drama | March 8, 2018 | 122 mins

A youngster, who is obsessed with gadgets, plays a game to pick up women. However, as the game progresses, things go awry when a woman's life is in danger.


Bad Film

By greatandhra | 2 years ago

The film was made at a time when Vijay Devarakonda was struggling to find a foothold in the industry. Of course, now he is a star with reckoning thanks to Pelli Choopulu and Arjun Reddy. But Ye Mantram Vesave shows the struggling actor.
While director-producer Sridhar Marri's attempt at making a message-oriented film is understandable, it is a case of a story gone awry.
The director's intention is to show how the youth of today are losing the 'human' touch by being addicted to internet and video games. So far so good. But the problem comes in the form of execution.
For starters, though the film is based around video games, the game designed by the heroine looks like a kid's game.
According to story, the game wins the first prize in National Gaming Championship. But nowhere does the game feel pacy and racy. Instead, the audience will totally agree with the heroine's boss' comment that the game is no good.
The clues that the heroine gives to the hero and the game played totally kills the impact that the film is supposed to have on the audience.
As for Arjun Reddy star Vijay Devarakonda, this is a film that he can safely forget as a mistake he did during his learning phase. Surely, he will not want to remember such a film few years down the lane.
While many actors who are from non-filmi families do have such 'backlog' films, bringing it out of the cans after so many years does no good to his career at this point in time.
While the film itself lacks impact, the climax scenes surely test the patience of the viewer. The director creates a hide and seek game of sorts that is thoroughly predictable and headache-inducing to say the least.
In fact, in one scene, there is a dialogue -- if you want to give a message, send an SMS. That kind of is the biggest irony of the film, which while wanting to preach something loses its ground.
In all, it is a bad attempt and a bad watching experience for Vijay's fans. But more than his fans, it is surely a painful reminder for Vijay Devarakonda, that he had acted in one such film.
As for the audience, if any, they will end up wanting to browse the net and play video games, instead of sitting through the film. Sad, but true!
Bottomline: Video Game For Audience

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