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Family, Drama | Sept. 14, 2012 | 167 mins

Six youngsters live and grow up together in the same neighbourhood. Together they enjoy the many flavours life has to offer and step into adulthood, which is full of aspirations and responsibilities.



By times of india | 1 year ago

There are some loose ends that grab your attention. The animosity between the Gold Phase kids and B-Block seems rather too simplistic and stereotypical. The climax doesn’t really resolve it either. Also there doesn’t seem to be so much of a journey for most of the characters except that of Srini. Acting wise there is nothing much to complain as everyone carries off their roles well. Nagaraju and Shriya Saran impress the most however. The writing is simple but falls short of being soulful. Also three seems to be a little too much of the Happy Day’s hangover be it the characters or narrative flow so might be a case of diminishing marginal utility as well.

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