Telugu | U/A
Comedy, Drama | Jan. 20, 2012 | 130 mins

Venkatesam and Anjali are about to get married when her father changes his decision after consulting Prasad, a priest. Venkatesam then gets in touch with Prasad to know the reason.


Review : Ayyare – A thought Provoking Movie

By 123 telugu | 2 years ago

Ayyare is a very thought provoking movie. It nicely captures the innocence with which people blindly follow many fake ‘Babas’ these days. The movie is entertaining and captivating in the second half. Tighter screenplay and better narration in the first half would have greatly helped matters. Overall, this is a movie that can be watched for Rajendra Prasad’s riveting performance. He is supported well by Shivaji and Sai Kumar.

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