Telugu | U/A
Romance, Mystery | June 10, 2016 | 178 mins

Right Right is a 2016 Telugu film, directed by Manu, with lead roles starring Sumanth Ashwin, and Pooja Jhaveri. Produced by J. Vamsi Krishna with music composed by J.B. It is the remake of Malayalam film Ordinary.


Red Signal!

By greatandhra | 3 years ago

The film is remake of a Malayalam movie called “Ordinary”. Like the title, the Malayalam’s storyline is pretty ordinary. Telugu audiences have seen such set up and drama in many movies where hero gets misunderstood by everyone but he is actually good guy and did no wrong. This simple storyline is told by director Manu in a rather dull manner.
Many of the scenes seem just frame to frame copy of the original Malayalam movie as the comedy punches, scenes seem to be straight out from Kerala culture.
Though it is a thriller, there is hardly any suspense element as anybody can easily guess who the culprit is. Wafer thin story is stretched beyond a point with slow narration.
Lack of entertainment, no interesting element, not a good suspense point are the main problems of the movie. Generally these kinds of movies offer some relief from comedy track or romantic portions. But “Right Right” fails on that front.
The good cinematography and two songs from music composer JB are the only appreciable points.
All in all, “Right Right” never gets it right. Complete boredom is what it offers. The film proves that Sumanth Ashwin should stick to youthful movies like “Kerintha”. 
Bottom-line: 'Ordinary' Remake is Ordinary

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