Telugu | U/A
Action, Romance | Jan. 11, 2006 | 174 mins

Devadas falls in love with Bhanumati, daughter of a senator of New York. When the father learns about the affair, he deceitfully brings back his daughter to the USA. But, Devadas soon follows her.



By idle brain | 1 year ago

The film starts with a nice song in the titles backdrop followed by an impressive establishment of characters with a voiceover of Prakash Raj. Positive points of the film are vibrant picturization of songs, lead pair (Ram & Ileana) and richness. On the flip side the length of the film should have been less and the screenplay in the first half should have been taken care of. YVS has brought lot of style to the film. On a whole, you may watch this film for beautifully picturized songs!

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