Telugu | U/A
Romance, Mystery | June 10, 2016 | 178 mins

Right Right is a 2016 Telugu film, directed by Manu, with lead roles starring Sumanth Ashwin, and Pooja Jhaveri. Produced by J. Vamsi Krishna with music composed by J.B. It is the remake of Malayalam film Ordinary.



By times of india | 2 years ago

At the outset, the story seems interesting but 20 minutes into the film you know it’s not working at all and wish things gather pace and move on. Sadly, your wish is fulfilled only in the second half by when you’ve given up and are watching only because you’ve signed up for it. To be fair, the latter portions of the film do pick up pace but by then the damage is already done with a weak conflict and a wafer-thin storytelling style.

We’d suggest watching Right Right only if you’ve taken a wrong turn and have no better way to go!

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