Telugu | U/A
Romance | Nov. 11, 2011 | 128 mins

Arjun, a game developer from Hyderabad, loves Vandana, a fashion designer from Vizag. Circumstances force her to move-in with Arjun. But, her parents' objection leads to a rift between the lovers.



By times of india | 2 years ago

Nikita has the talent to take her a long way and is the most impressive of the lot. Arvind looks good, but is very stiff in his acting. He also needs to work on his body language and dialogue delivery. Jayasudha is in her element playing a role that she has portrayed umpteen times in the past. While Vennela Kishore’s gay track provides some comic relief, the director did not use the other comedian, Thagubothu Ramesh, too well.

Sunil Kashyap has come up with some peppy numbers but everything else about it is just passable.

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