Telugu | U/A
Romance, Comedy | Jan. 30, 2015 | 115 mins

Three city dwellers, unknown to each other, seek refuge in social media to fulfil their dreams. But will the law finally catch up with them in their illegal games?


If Message Matters

By greatandhra | 3 years ago

When a director who had worked in small films makes a film, then it is taken for granted that he will spice it up with lots of sleazy scenes to draw the B, C centre audiences. To be fair to Manjunath, he does make a clean film vis-à-vis the subject he has chosen.
He could have added adult scenes just to attract the audiences, but he tries to make it as situational as possible.
The director while trying to talk of social media actually makes a strong comment on human relations and emotions. Though the film meanders soullessly till after interval, it suddenly gets a jerk and suddenly springs to life in the last 20 minutes. From the time the pub song comes, the story suddenly begins to fall together. Director Manjunath manages to tell all that he wants to say in those few last scenes and that’s exactly why the film was made.
Another huge plus is the fact that the director does not take diversions merely to titillate the audience. And works as a warning call to all those who are caught in the Web of circumstances.
Of course, while its commercial viability is questionable, one has to accept that the director justifies his story by the time the final credits roll.
If the film manages to break even, then more and more film-makers will surely work towards touching upon sensitive subjects without turning them into adult comedies.
Bottomline: Honest attempt

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