Telugu , Tamil | U/A
Romance, Drama | April 17, 2015 | 138 mins

Two youngsters Adi and Tara are attracted to each other when they meet at a wedding. Since they do not believe in marriage, they decide to live together. What follows forms the crux of the story.


OK film

By idlebrain | 2 years ago

First half of the film is nice. Second half is bit slow. Climax is nice though a predictable one. Plus points are vintage Mani Ratnam’s moments, cinematography and music. On the flipside, the narration is very slow in second half. If you are expecting another Sakhi from OK Bangaram, you will be get disappointed. But, it’s a decent attempt. Likability of these kind of movies largely depend on connectivity. If you don’t connect, OK Bangaram will be a slow film with no highs! If you are a fan of Mani Rathnam and like these kind of concepts, you will have a beaming smile.

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