Telugu | U/A
Action, Romance | June 26, 2015 | 151 mins

A carefree villager, Krishna, who is determined to become immensely wealthy, ends up bumping into a moneylender, Anakonda. Krishna's life changes in unexpected ways.


Jadoogadu Sans Magic

By greatandhra | 2 years ago

Director Yogesh presents the movie interestingly with establishment of hero and his goal. The first act of the screenplay is rightly placed.
Lacing the narration with the right mix of comedy by Srinivas Reddy and Prudhvi and romantic track between the lead pair, ‘Jadoogadu’ almost seemed going smoothly to entertain us. But once the basic storyline is found, the screenplay shows the potholes along the way.
Other than some good parts here and there, the second half of the movie has many problems to deal with. Unnecessary scenes and tracks keep coming in and Satpagiri’s comedy portion with vulgarity plays dampener. 
Some dialogues by writer Madhu Sudhan are funny and effective. Creation of scenes where in goons are asked to go for sleep mode by their boss to avoid attention of the police is clever writing.
Having said that, too many loopholes and predictability of the narration doesn’t help much. 
Bottomline: No Jadoo

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