Telugu | U/A
Drama | Nov. 4, 2011 | 159 mins

Bujji, son of a wealthy farmer falls in love with Raja Rajeshwari, the daughter of a politician. Just when their families agree for their marriage, a rift between them creates tension.


Review : Mogudu – Excessively Melodramatic fare

By 123 telugu | 1 year ago

Mogudu is a movie that could have been a solid family entertainer. Sadly, it is not. The movie starts off promisingly and the first half is pretty decent. It is in the second half that things start going bad. There is too much melodrama and in the interests of sentiment, logic has been mercilessly sacrificed. There are some positives in the movie. Rajendra Prasad’s riveting performance and Gopichand’s dashing looks coupled with Tapsee and Shradda Das’s hot skin show are the positives. But the messed up second half lets down the movie.

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