Telugu | U/A
Action, Romance, Comedy | Jan. 14, 2016 | 144 mins

Raja is in love with Amulya and mistakenly hands over her pet dog to the municipal corporation. Amulya becomes furious and Raja ends up facing challenges while trying to retrieve her pet.


Entertaining Raja

By greatandhra | 2 years ago

Like the title, "Express Raja" is combination of two movies "Run Raja Run" and "Venkatadri Express". The coolness factor of "Run Raja Run" and the screenplay method of "Venkatadri Express" dominate the movie though there is not much story. 
Whatever the basic story the director has written has almost come to an end just after interval. Hero trying to win heroine's love by handing her puppy that was lost is a very thin line. The fun moments are enjoyable when the basic story is there but beyond that dreariness sets in. 
First the film begins in Hyderabad, then moves to Vizag, again comes back to Hyderabad, later proceeds to Nellore and surrounding areas, like a bus moving many routes but not reaching to the expected destination, the film moves on and on before coming to the conclusion. Even if the scenery is beautiful, the journey gets boring if the travel extends beyond stipulated time. That is what we feel with Express Raja post interval. 
First half is full of fun as there is some nice banter between hero and heroine, and the comedy performance by Saptagiri. The songs and visuals keep us glued to the seats without worrying about anything.
The issue is many unnecessary tracks like Kesava Reddy (Uttaman) and his mother's (Urvashi) episode also come in during the course of the film. Towards the end, there is another recording troupe's farce drama, which could have been avoidable and don't make impact to the screenplay. 
All in all, the film has rich production values, good music and some enjoyable comedy. A passable entertainment for sure but lot of drama could have been avoided. 
Bottomline: Time Pass Raja

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