Telugu | U/A
Drama | Nov. 4, 2011 | 159 mins

Bujji, son of a wealthy farmer falls in love with Raja Rajeshwari, the daughter of a politician. Just when their families agree for their marriage, a rift between them creates tension.



By times of india | 1 year ago

Senior actor Rajendra Prasad steals the show with his lively performance. He overshadows everyone else in the film with his effortless style. Breaking away from his action hero image, Gopichand shows us a different side of him. His responsible son act is commendable. Taapsee seems to have worked very hard and Krishna Vamsi has directed her well, but she still has a long way to go. She is not convincing in emotional scenes and the dubbing doesn’t suit her. Shraddha Das adds oomph to the movie. Krishna Vamsi showcases both the actresses in a sensuous manner. Roja, Naresh and Ahuti Prasad are good in their parts.

The cinematography is to watch out for. The music is catchy and the songs, choreographed in typical Krishna Vamsi style are entertaining.

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