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Action, Drama | Sept. 10, 2004 | 175 mins

Shankar falls in love with Gowri and finds out that she is being forced into marriage. Kumar Swamy tracks Gowri down and forces her to marry him. Shankar tricks Kumar Swamy and gets married to Gowri.


Gudumba Shankar

By idle brain | 2 years ago

First half of the film suffers with poor narration and odd situations (especially series of events that happen when hero and heroine travel on the road). Second half is better as the locations and situations become familiar. The positive points of the film are comedy by Pawan Kalyan and songs. The main drawback of the film is that there is not enough substance in subject and the treatment of the film, which would make the comedy by Pawan Kalyan justified to the theme/script of the film. The romance between hero and heroine should have been handled in a much better manner. This film also lacks a powerful villain. It is a must watch film for all Pawan Kalyan fans as they can see him doing exceptionally talented comedy. The fate of the film would depend on how general audience and masses like the film.

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