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Romance | Nov. 1, 2002 | 136 mins

Seenu loses his leg trying to save Madhav, his best friend. Fate plays a cruel joke when the girl Madhav loves, is about to be married off to Seenu. Madhav decides it is his turn to make a sacrifice.


Nee Sneham

By idle brain | 1 year ago

The film is told in a very convincing way. Though the narration is little slow, there is no dull moment in this film. All songs are skillfully etched into the storyline and are a pleasure to watch on the celluloid. There are at least a couple of scenes in this film that really touch your heart very strongly and there are whistles from the frontbenchers to those scenes. Can you imagine people responding positively when heroine slaps hero on the face. That's what happened in Satyam theater today, which showed that narration of the film has engrossed the masses to such an extent that they react to a scene like that very positively with whistles and claps. The last 45 minutes of the film makes your heart heavy. The best and most impressive situations in this film are where the song 'Ooruko Hrudayama' and 'veyi kanulato' (2nd time) are played. The effect and impact of watching this film would be there with you for at least few hours. To be told in mass in terms 'ee cinema gundelu pindesindi'. Here is a film that I would recommend for all the movie lovers to watch and enjoy!!

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