Telugu | U/A
Romance, Comedy | Jan. 30, 2015 | 115 mins

Three city dwellers, unknown to each other, seek refuge in social media to fulfil their dreams. But will the law finally catch up with them in their illegal games?


Social Media Stories

By idlebrain | 3 years ago

Ladies and Gentlemen is one of the very few anthology films (multiple-story-format) that are being done in Telugu. The last two such decent films are Prema Ishq Kaadhal and Chandamama Kathalu. What makes this film connected with audiences is the story. The stories in this film will make you rethink about blindly trusting social media. Social media (FB, Twitter, WhatsApp) has penetrated lives of youngsters alike (despite of typical box office demarcation like A, B and C centers) in Telugu states. Ladies and Gentlemen is a decently made film which is identifiable to all social media users. You may watch it!

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