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Fantasy, Romance, Comedy | June 22, 2018 | 141 mins

A man and woman who were joined by destiny are on the brink of divorce.



By timesofindia | 2 years ago

Though the film carries the title of the yesteryear comedy hit film ‘Jamba Lakidi Pamba’, director JB Murali Krishna's version neither touches nor breaks the stereotypical gender roles as the original film did. He instead uses gender swapping to send across the point, but it fails to make the same impact. The gender shift happens between a couple to help them understand each other's feelings. 

Varun (Srinivasa Reddy) and Pallavi (Siddhi Idnani) are a couple whose relationship is in turmoil. Pallavi suspects Varun of having an affair with one of his office colleague Divya, while Varun gets angered by Pallavi for her mistrust in him and finds her a nuisance. The couple approach a popular divorce lawyer Harischandra Prasad (Posani Krishna Murali), who has a track record of 99 successful divorces cases till then. As the lawyer takes up the case of Varun Pallavi as the 100th divorce case, suddenly the lawyer and his wife die in a road accident. From there the story takes an unexpected metaphysical turn where God (Suman) refuses Harischandra Prasad to enter heaven along with his wife and offers him a chance to rectify his sins by fixing up the relation of Varun and Pallavi’s unstable relationship. How Harischandra Prasad tries to unite a couple who just can't get along anymore makes for the rest of the film. 

While the idea of gender sensitisation is quite noble, its execution is faulty and Srinivas Reddy's feminine qualities are often exaggerated and over-the-top. Same goes for Siddhi Idnani, who did a decent job in her normal character, but failed miserably at playing a man, once the gender reversal takes place. Instead of adding comic relief, Posani Murali Krishna's dialogues bore you and leave you wanting for more. The writing lacks finesse and for a film banking that was being awaited for his humour, there just aren't enough laughs in it. Vennela Kishore as Swaroop (Posani’s assistant lawyer) generates a few laughs, but he's let down by a shoddy plot.

JB Murali Krishna while trying to make a funny film, misses the mark on this occasion and often tends to be more preachy rather than funny. The saving grace for Jamba Lakidi Pamba is Vennela Kishore's comedy and the scene of gender swap before the interval. Unlike the original the concept of gender reversal to bring the couple to understand each other's feelings neither brings the emotion or humour that was required. A dull affair.

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