Telugu , Hindi | U/A
Action, Adventure, Romance | Nov. 11, 2015 | 169 mins

A cruel businessman attacks a tribal village for a stone which the people treat as something special. A guy who thinks he is somehow related to the stone comes to their aid.


Saving the world

By idlebrain | 2 years ago

Saving the world is a concept that’s very ambitious in Telugu cinema. Going to Africa and saving the world is something that needs to be executed with a lot of deftness and should be made sure that audiences don’t lose connect with the goal of hero. VV Vinayak who is regarded as star director has taken an international backdrop to direct this movie. Though he has succeeded in launching Akhil as a star with huge potential, he should have taken care in treatment and logic. We need to wait and see how audiences embrace the film as VV Vinayak has strong connect with masses!

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