Telugu | U/A
Action, Drama | Jan. 11, 2001 | 161 mins

There are 2 warring neighboring villages.One headed by a good man and one headed by a villain.The son of the good man is widowed as his wife is killed in all this enmity.Does he find love again?


Narasimha Naidu

By idle brain | 2 years ago

First half of the film is very good with interval being the nerve wrecking point. But the second half fail to meet the expectations created in first half. The episode of Balayya being exploited by his brothers could have been trimmed. This may not be as good as Samarasimha Reddy. But it's definitely better than Goppinti Alludu. Balayya, who amazed every one with the collections of Samarasimha Reddy, may just repeat the trick. It all depends on how the masses embrace this film and how the other Jan and Feb releases are going to fare. For the starters, Narasimha Naidu film started with a different story given by Posani Krishna Murali with Balayya playing the cop and the movie was stopped to accommodate news script. Looks like it worked.

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