Telugu | U/A
Romance | March 12, 2010 | 126 mins

Several people are involved in or connected to an accident that takes place one night. Something from the past, which includes murder and deception, connects all of them to this incident.


Badly written thriller!

By | 3 years ago

Akasha Ramanna’ is a good example of what would happen if films are just ripped off from another language! You can’t just re-produce the same; the challenge is to adapt the concept to what’s relevant to the culture and sociological circumstances of our society. ‘Akasha Ramanna’ could have been better had it also followed the 90 minutes running time tradition which Hollywood movies generally have. With more than 140 minutes of run time, this film ends up testing your patience and also leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Pun intended! Two thumbs down for ‘Akasha Ramanna’, it probably would have been a better idea to understand why Hollywood thrillers work rather than ripping them off under the pretext of making a ‘different’ cinema in Telugu!

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