Telugu , Tamil | U/A
Romance, Drama | April 17, 2015 | 138 mins

Two youngsters Adi and Tara are attracted to each other when they meet at a wedding. Since they do not believe in marriage, they decide to live together. What follows forms the crux of the story.


Love @ Mumbai2.0

By greatandhra | 2 years ago

A love story is a love story. But the beauty of a love story is in the way it is narrated to the audience, in the language they relate to.
Mani Ratnam’s films have always been about love. Though he touches upon other contemporary and contentious issues, love has always been the backdrop of his stories, be it Roja, Mumbai, Dil Se, Saathiya…
In Ok Bangaram, Mani tells a love story once again, but touches upon the issues that concern the new-age couples. By new-age, he does not mean the 20-something boys and girls. To him, they are two people in love spanning various age groups who continue to love each other despite the problems that life throws at them.
While he tackles the issue of live-in relationships and the choices that the youngsters of today have to make to find and keep love, through Ganapathy and Bhavani, he touches upon the new-age reality of Alzheimer’s disease that is taking away many lively souls.
Now, before you yawn or jump to the conclusion that is yet another preachy tear-jerker talking of the beauty of love, then please stop.
Ok Bangaram is Mani Ratnam’s way of saying that his age does not stop him from telling a heart-touching and realistic love story that is the reality of today’s youngsters.
From his earlier Bombay, Mani Ratnam shows the city’s transformation into Mumbai, a transition he wants his audiences to experience through his latest film. His special touch also comes in the form of the game that Adi develops in the film, which is quite smartly called Mumbai 2.0. Now, do we need to say more?
Ok Bangaram is a beautiful watch and you will not regret walking into the theatres.
Bottomline: Love surely makes life beautiful

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