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Romance | July 16, 2004 | 134 mins

Siva falls in love with a girl after having a glimpse of her at the bus stop and gets married to her. The girl he marries turns out to be a look alike of the girl he saw at the bus stop.


Ammai Bagundi

By idle brain | 2 years ago

First half of the film is average. The pace goes down in the second half. But the climax and lead scenes to climax are good. The emotional graph of the film is flat till the scene where wife of hero goes to her parent's house. The narration of the film is flat. The only twist in the film is the interval point where hero realizes that there are two look alike girls. This movie would have been a disappointment if the climax were not good. This film is a clean film sans vulgarity and violence. People expect lots of comedy from Sivaji (especially after Missamma) as he has got good comedy timing. And his character does not have any strings of comedy attached to it, which is unfair.

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