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Romance, Drama | Jan. 6, 2005 | 169 mins

When Ghani, an orphan, refuses to obey his boss, Khan's order to kill Indu, Khan tries to get Ghani killed. But Ghani escapes to Hyderabad and dons a new name, Balu.



By idle brain | 1 year ago

First half of the film is good with class orientation and fine suspense elements about the past of the hero's character. The second half has mafia backdrop where Pawan Kalyan uses guns rather than muscles. The love track between Pawan Kalyan and Neha is gentle. But the director could not sustain grip over the proceedings in second half. Climax of the film offers variety. The plus points are live-wire performance and the glamour of Pawan Kalyan, music, good first half and excellent production values. On the flip side, is the tempo drop-down in the second half of the film. Different sets of parameters (backdrops, storylines and heroines) for first half and second half makes the two halves appear different that offsets the balance of the movie. On the whole, Balu sums up to be a film you should watch to see Pawan Kalyan in a fresh radiant look.

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