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Romance, Comedy | June 9, 2017 | 124 mins

Two couples are trying to protect their relationships without hurting their parents' feelings. Things get out of control when they encounter with an eccentric man.


Vennela Kishore's Show

By greatandhra | 2 years ago

After delivering an interesting thriller like "Gentleman" last year, director Indraganti Mohan Krishna has tried to tell a simple comedy drama about relationships. Simple is the word! There is nothing new or creative in this movie. This is very basic comedy film that is completely dominated by Vennela Kishore.
The first scenes of the movie are quite dull. It begins with the romance of Eesha and Adivi Sesh. Then it moves on to the story of Avasarala and Aditi.
The first thirty minutes bore us. The conversation between Eesha, Avasarala and Tanikella (all belong to one family) is such a bore. Then the story gets its turning point with the introduction of Vennela Kishore. 
The introduction scene between Vennela Kishore and Eesha itself is a hilarious scene. Then another mistaken identity sequence happens when Vennela Kishore goes to Tanikella Bharani to meet Eesha.
Thinking the maid in the house as the girl he has to marry, he starts conversing and the situation turns into a rib tickler. So pre-interval sequences are good.
Then the movie goes in regular manner post interval but it ends neatly without much fuss. Don't look for logic and story in this movie.
The director has no proper script on hands; he has just made this after writing couple of scenes with Vennela Kishore.
Avasarala Srinivas appears in three episodes - beginning of the movie, pre-climax scene and at the end of the movie. Adivi Sesh appears once in a while. Vennela Kishore runs the entire movie. His English phrases and repartees are funny.
Indraganti Mohana Krishna in his promotional interviews said this movie belongs to the genre of 'Screwball comedy'. But the movie doesn't critique the society or current times but it has other comedy features of this genre.
All the characters behave in silly manner. All act as if they are doing it for just for fun.
All in all, the film has nothing much to offer other than the star performance of comedian Vennela Kishore. Watch his comedy, rest of the drama is like ami tumi bolobashe!
Bottom-line: A bit loud, but entertaining!

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